Special offer Open water diver course

Liberty ship wreck Tulamben
September 16, 2017
Dive into the adventure and discover the wonders of the under water world. Join us for the Oen Water Diver Course programme. We offer a PADI online manual where you can start learning from home and complete the knowlegde development, this way you are saving time and get more free time for your other holiday activities. We are just across the street from famous USS Liberty Wreck dive site so you get the chance to stay at our accommodation and admire the top dive destination while learning how to dive.

Schedule of the course:


Pick up at your starting point (Hotel/Airport) and drive to Mega Dive Bali admirind the beautiful surroundings and Bali's nature. Upon arrival, check in. Our instructor will brief you through the steps and excercises you will be doing in the pool. After the pool, relax time at our accomodation.


After breakfast it is time for your first open water dive in Tulamben with the dive instructor. You will practice your boyancy control and admire the marvelous marine life. The first dive does not exceed 12 meters depth. After that we do a break and we conduct the second dive for the day. On that day you will also receive your first logbook. Relax time in the afternoon.


On the last day of your course we also conduct two dives. There will be a possibility of diving after breakfast like on day one or starting early in the morning and coming back for breakfast after the firs dive. On the last day you will already feel more comfortable in the water and concentrate on spotting many more interesting things underwater. Bali is a great place for diving, it can always surprise you with something new. At the end we sign the logbooks and check out of the hotel. It is that simple to become certified!!