1Why do people Scuba dive?
Scuba takes you to a completely different world with colors, creatures, shapes, and layers you can only find in the ocean; a world without mobile phones, traffic, nagging kids and deadlines. Freedom is a word many first timers use when describing their first dive. As a PADI Open Water Diver, escaping to a peaceful world to meditate, relax and entertain your senses is as easy as gearing up and dropping down! Scuba diving allows you to explore the underwater universe from old shipwrecks to perfect reefs. The world is truly your oyster. Diving allows you to connect with the environment and bond with the natural world. It will change your perception of the world.
2Can I learn Online?
Whether you're busy with family or work commitments, or just want to take it slow, you can now complete the theory portion of most PADI courses online with PADI eLearning. After all, noone likes to sit in a classroom on their holidays. Complete the theory portion prior to arrival in your own time, and you can enjoy the diving without the classroom! You can start immediately! With eLearning online you learn via an interactive web-based program with easy to follow theory, videos and multiple choice knowledge reviews and exams.
3Do you have a training pool?
Our confined water training sessions are conducted in our brand new, purpose built swimming pool. A confined water training session should be just that; CONFINED! A dedicated swimming pool is without a doubt the perfect place to conduct these sessions safely and comfortably. Many dive centres will try and tell you that itís better to complete a confined water training session in the ocean. On a perfect day, completing some aspects of confined water in a shallow bay can be fun, but when you are dropping in for a day of skill practice, a dive-specific pool with a shallow and deep end; is WAY safer than the open ocean which is subject to currents, tides and possibly boat traffic? It's natural to be feeling a little apprehensive and nervous, being asked to complete skills such as removing and replacing the mask or regulators underwater. The calm and clear conditions a swimming pool offers is in our opinion absolutely necessary. Shallow bays are not ideal if there are other factors like wind, waves, poor visibility and other environmental conditions that will negatively affect the safety or comfort of our students. Our swimming pool is built for scuba diving and offers you the best possible start on your way to becoming an Open Water diver. Why would you settle for anything but maximum comfort?
4Can I complete my PADI course in 2 or 3 days ?
Sure, some courses are flexible. You proceed as you demonstrate your development of the course skills which allows you to work at your own pace. If you're comfortable in the water and have completed your online study, then you can complete some courses in 2 or 3 days.
5How much does my course cost?
Please check the PRICES page for up to date price lists.
6I am travelling alone and interested in doing my course. how much will the cost be for me ?
If you're by yourself, the cost will be the same per person. We don't charge extra if you are doing a course by yourself. Our courses start every Monday and Thursday. Once youíve made your booking, we will email you the passcode of your digital manual for your online study through PADI e-learning.
7How many students will be in our group?
Here at MEGA DIVE Bali, our experienced multi-lingual team of top-skilled Instructors conduct all courses in small groups only. This ensures each student progresses at their own pace, receives lots of attention and is relaxed throughout their training as they build their confidence & develop the skills necessary to be certified as a safe and confident Open Water diver. We limit our PADI Open water students yo 4 students per 1 PADI Instructor. The average is 2 students per 1 Instructor.
8Do you have underwater cameras for hire?
We do have underwater cameras and the cost is IDR 300.000 / day. We recommend taking the camera on dive no 3 and no 4 only.
9I do have my own underwater camera, can I bring it with me ?
Sure you can. But, for your Open Water Course please only bring it for dives no 3 and no 4. In dives no 1 and no 2, we want you to gain experience and master the dive skills needed, safety, the environment, and to focus on your development rather than your camera.
10What should I do to make a booking?
Just get in touch. Once you've made a reservation, we will send you all the information you require, your itinerary and the passode for your e-learning. email us at tonemegadive@gmail.com or whatsapp Tone at +62 877 9517 0736, or Ketut at +62 812 3988 689.
11How do I make a payment?
Just get in touch. We have many payment options. Just email us at tonemegadive@gmail.com or whatsapp Tone at +62 877 9517 0736, or Ketut at +62 812 3988 689.
12I have tried to contact you, but haven't received a reply. what should I do ?
Please check your spam folder. If there is no email from MEGA DIVE Bali, please email us again at tonemegadive@gmail.com or whatsapp Tone at +62 877 9517 0736, or Ketut at +62 812 3988 689.
13I've made a booking, but something's happened? Flight delays etc?
Please email us at tonemegadive@gmail.com or whatsapp Tone at +62 877 9517 0736, or Ketut at +62 812 3988 689. Tell us about the situation and we can try and reschedule your PADI course.
14I Need more details, have a suggestion or weird query, What should I do?
Email us at tonemegadive@gmail.com or whatsapp Tone at +62 877 9517 0736, or Ketut at +62 812 3988 689.